Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New York: First Signs of Imperfection Prompt Pardons

For three years, the legislative branch and the courts (including judges, prosecutors and juries) of the entire State of New York have been absolutely flawless - without error. No one anywhere was wrongfully convicted or over-charged. All relevant evidence was fairly considered in every case and every single sentence perfectly matched the severity of the offenses committed.

In addition, not a single person in the State could be found who could fairly be said to be deserving of anything like pardon, mercy, clemency from the Governor.

That is, until today.

For the first time during his three year reign, Gov. Andrew Cuomo cast doubt upon the State's spotless record of godlike perfection and unleashed a relentless hurricane of clemency upon the citizenry. The brute force of his decision making appeared in the form of three (3) pardons.

Cuomo's defense of his decision making was turbulent, fiery, bound to give rise to a swell of controversy from the protectors of "law and order" mania.

More specifically, he argued the records of the three individuals made "a compelling case for justice being best served through clemency.” Why? First, said Cuomo, they had "paid their debt to society long ago.: Second, they have "been prevented from having the same legal rights as others because of their past crimes." Third, each has shown themselves to be "law-abiding citizens who have contributed to society, given back to their communities and are deserving of a second chance.”

Will judges and juries and the State's elected officials recover from this executive smear? Doesn't Cuomo know that if you can't do the crime you shouldn't do the crime? Doesn't he know there are more important things to do than to coddle criminals?

See full story (minus biting sarcasm) here.

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