Friday, December 20, 2013

Obama's Clemency Record To Date

61 acts of clemency in 5 years 
52 pardons
9 commutations of sentence

Average distance between sentencing and clemency: 24.1 years
Number of recipients who served time in prison: 31 (51 percent)

Presidents with fewer grants:
* George Washington
* John Adams (served only one term)
* Zachary Taylor (who died of food poisoning after serving 16 months)
* William H. Harrison (died of pneumonia after serving only 30 days)
* James Garfield (assassinated after serving only four months)

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It was nice Presdient to pardon those men,i am dieing from Hept-C I got in Vietnam 1970 I was able to make it home but the war is going to kill me anyway.I have ask the president to give me apardon because after I came back I got a Bad Conuct Discharge over $150.00 I was supposet to stolen on base so Discharge borrow me from bennifs.if he would just pardon me would be a lot to me thank you Charles Allen Oakley IL.

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