Monday, December 16, 2013

SHOCK: Holder, 5 Years, Too Soon !

Huffington Post reports Attorney General Eric Holder has told a group of African-American newspaper columnists "It's a bit too soon to judge President Barack Obama on his terrible pardon record." More specifically, says Holder:
"We are at year five I guess of eight, so I would say hold on ... If this was the eighth year and we were looking back, I think we would have something to discuss. But we are at a point where this president still has a power that is uniquely his." 
It isn't too often an administration rationalizes years of dysfunction and neglect and, in advance, proudly announces that it is planning to make up for abject failure with a calm, cool, deliberative last-minute pardon bonanza! Indeed, there was a time when such an approach was considered inherently questionable / controversial. But, the times, they are a changin! See Huff Post article here.

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