Monday, December 23, 2013

Times: Nice Start, Mr. President. Now, MORE!

The New York Times is praising President Obama’s recent commutations of "outrageously long drug sentences" as evidence of "a measure of compassion and common sense." But adds:
It is important to recognize that while Mr. Obama showed mercy to these eight people, his administration has been the least merciful in modern times. The power to mitigate an overly harsh sentence is squarely in his hands, and yet in nearly five years he has commuted just nine sentences and issued 52 pardons ... There is no excuse for this lack of compassion. 
The Times also blames "the pardon office" which it says "has been ineffective in doing its job in processing clemency requests." But it concludes that, while Obama did not create "the broken criminal justice system," he can "do much more to lessen its impact on those who have been most unfairly punished by it." See full editorial here.

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