Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Vermont: 2 Pardons

The Burlington Free Press reports that, after three years, Gov. Peter Shumlin has issued his first two pardons.  Shumlin said he was impressed by "commitment both women have shown to making sure mistakes each made in their youth have not defined their lives.” More humorously, the governor’s legal counsel, "said the pardons were granted in the normal course of business and were unrelated to the holiday season."

The first woman fined $150 twenty-seven years ago, for "selling a quarter gram of cocaine to an undercover police officer."  The second woman was sentenced to two to five years in prison twelve years ago for "selling less than 200 milligrams of heroin."

More interestingly, the piece describes recent use of pardons in the State. It notes past governors have granted pardons for "two primary reasons" - "a compelling need or to correct an injustice." That being said, most governor have used the power "sparingly" except for Thomas Salmon (who granted more than 200 in four years in office).
Shumlin’s predecessor, Jim Douglas, is known to have issued at least 13 pardons from 2003-10, but the exact number was unavailable Tuesday ... Before Douglas, Gov. Howard Dean granted 80 pardons, including 17 during his final year in office, 2002. 
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Dale Fredette said...

I find this amazing because I started my pardon process in 2013 I submitted my paperwork Nov. of that year. Aug of 2014 I was informed that I would not be receiving my pardon due to not enough community service over the past 30 yrs. I think it is incredible that I was denied for such a frivolous reason. Maybe you can enlighten me on what would be the best way to approach my next attempt. feel free to email me with any questions about my case

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