Tuesday, January 7, 2014

More on Obama, Recent Pardons.

To date, President Obama has granted 52 pardons and 9 commutations of sentence.

On average, there has been 24.1 years between sentencing and clemency. 31 (or 51 percent) of Obama's clemency recipients committed offenses that were so minor, no prison sentence was ever even served.

The typical application of clemency recipients has taken over 4 years to process - spending 3.5 years floating around the federal bureaucracy and, on average, sitting in the White House 267 days.

But the 21 grants of December 19, 2013, were unusual for a variety of reasons.

First, the President granted 8 commutations of sentence - excepting Bill Clinton's last minute clemency caper, that was the highest number of commutations of sentence granted by a president in a single day since the 1970.

Second, 16 (or 76 percent) of the 21 grants of December 19 featured applications that sat in the White House less than 40 days - an amazingly short period of time considering the 267 day average. Indeed, only 1 of Obama's first 39 pardons and 1 commutations of sentence sat in the White House less than 40 days. It appears someone has hit the reset button on some front - or, the last round was, for whatever reason, deemed unworthy of (without the need for) the normal degree of consideration / scrutiny (or delay!)

Third, it took the White House only 14 days to consider the pardon application of Kimberly Stout. The application of Miles T. Wilson spent only 6 days in the White House!

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