Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wisconsin: Calling the Governor

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers is "once again" urging Gov. Scott Walker "to consider granting pardons to some felons." The organization's board has adopted a "resolution" also urging Walker "to appoint members to a Pardon Board and begin considering applications for pardons." The resolution also noted pardons have been "accepted as playing an important role in the this country's system of criminal justice since the days of the Founding Fathers" and that failure to pardon "runs contrary to the values of compassion and justice inherent in Wisconsin's criminal justice system."

The Journal Sentinel reports that more than 1,400 applications for clemency have been made to Walker, but he has not used the clemency power once since taking office. It is also reported that the resolution "notes that all U.S. presidents have granted pardons" (which is not correct) and that previous governors of Wisconsin governors - of both parties - have as well.  See story here.

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