Monday, February 17, 2014

Zimbabwe: 2,000 Plus Pardons

It is reported that "more than 2,000" inmates "mostly females and juveniles" are expected to be released from Zimbabwe prisons today. President Mugabe, under the Clemency Order No. 1 of 2014 has granted a remission of the remainder of imprisonments to female prisoners "regardless of the offence committed save for those sentenced to life imprisonment and to death." In addition, a remission of the remaining period of imprisonment has also been granted to "all juvenile prisoners under the age of 18 years serving terms of imprisonment, irrespective of the offences they committed." Remissions were also granted to all terminally ill prisoners "who were unlikely to survive their prison terms irrespective of the offences they committed upon certification by a prison medical officer or a Government medical officer." Finally, those aged 70 years and above will be freed "regardless of the offence committed save for those sentenced to death."

Dep Comm Machingauta said:
"We urge the nation to accept those released, give them a second chance. We don't want them to be stigmatised," 
Prisons in Zibabwe are said to be 12 percent over capacity. See story here.

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