Tuesday, April 22, 2014

McCarthy: Anatomy of a Goofy Slander

Evidently, not wanting to miss a chance to slander the President, Andrew McCarthy said, on The Kelly File, last night:
So [Obama's] essentially going to rewrite Congress laws by springing everyone. This is not about individual justice in cases and mitigating mistakes or hardships.
First, there is no sense in the universe that the President plans to empty our federal prisons, by "springing everyone."

Second, as the President's plan has not been revealed, there is no way on earth that McCarthy can know if his decisions will be about "individual justice" or "mitigating mistakes or hardships."

Indeed, everything we know, to date, suggests a system will be put in place where specific standards are applied to individual applications - very much like Gerald Ford's post Vietnam amnesty.

Even someone as blinded by ideology as McCarthy could have picked up on that from reports and commentary stretching back over the last 2-3 years. Epic fail.

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