Wednesday, April 16, 2014

More Chatter from the White House

Katheryn Ruemmler
USA Today Reports President Obama "is reviewing the process" for granting pardons. More specifically, White House Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler says:
"The president believes that one important purpose can be to help correct the effects of outdated and overly harsh sentences that Congress and the American people have since recognized are no longer in the best interests of justice," 
Ruemmler also says the administration will attempt to "get the word out" to prison inmates that the president has the power to pardon:
"This effort also reflects the reality that our overburdened federal prison population includes many low-level, nonviolent offenders without significant criminal histories." 
"the administration believes there is a larger pool of meritorious candidates for both pardons and commutations, and encouraged both types of applications."
Ruemmler's comments come on the heels of similar comments by :
- the President
- the Attorney General
- the Deputy Attorney General
- and about every scholar in the world who has ever given this topic any degree of serious thought. See story here.

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