Friday, May 23, 2014

Nebraska: Cult Killing Commutation

52 year old Timothy Haverkamp participated in a cult killing 30 years ago. Four others were convicted and one remains on death row. According to, the Pardons Board (which includes Gov. Dave Heineman and Attorney General Jon Bruning), "has granted only four commutations for murder in the past 23 years" but Haverkamp, who was given a sentence of 10 years to life for second-degree murder:
... served 23 years as a model prisoner, which included eight years on a work detail at the Governor’s Mansion. He has spent the past five years on parole, living and working as a metal fabricator in Lincoln. The board reduced his sentence to a term of 10 years to 58 years. The change means Haverkamp will most likely be released from parole by September ...
An attorney general says there is "a clear difference between the cult leader and his followers" and that Haverkamp "was a young man who was scared of being hurt if he didn’t do what he was told." See story here.

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