Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ohio: Commutation of Death Sentence

Gov. John Kasich
The Columbus Dispatch reports Gov. John Kasich has "sided with the Cuyahoga County prosecutor, and against the unanimous Ohio Parole Board" by commuting 54 year old Arthur Tyler’s death sentence, the consequence of a 1983 murder. Said Kasich:
“The questions that continue around this case are fundamental, and the irregularities in the court proceedings are troubling. Arthur Tyler’s crime against Sander Leach and his family was heinous and this commutation in no way diminishes that, and I pray that Mr. Leach’s family can find peace and healing.” 
The State's Board has previously cited "serious doubts about the evidence in the case" and recommended that the sentence be commuted and that Tyler would be made eligible for parole. The Governor, however, commuted the sentence to life without the possibility of parole.

Tyler’s lawyer said he was "extremely disappointed" at the governor’s decision to not agree with the unanimous recommendation for parole eligibility for Arthur.” See story here.

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