Friday, June 20, 2014

Colorado: Clemency Disaster

Gov. John Hickenlooper
We refer our readers to this intriguing post by Alan Prendergast, at Denver Westwood Blogs. It focuses on Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper's shameful record on clemency.

Prendergast argues the clemency process has been "increasingly politicized and "used less and less" since Governor John Love "granted more than 200 pardons in his ten years on the job." Prendergast says, afterward, Governors Bill Owens and Bill Ritter then "squeezed out only a handful of pardons and commutations." Nonetheless, Owens and Ritter "seem like reckless bleeding hearts"in comparison to Governor Hickenlooper, "who has not granted any requests for pardons or sentence reductions since taking office in 2011."

Prendergast notes Hickenlooper actually issued an executive order in 2012, "reauthorizing" the State's Executive Clemency Advisory Board. Yet, he hasn't "got around" to appointing anyone to actually serve on the board! The Board is also supposed to meet every six months, but a spokesman says it has not met since "sometime in 2012."

The same spokesman says the Governor is "currently recruiting new board members" though and "holding" pardon and commutation requests meanwhile. Prendergast explains that Hickenlooper's neglect of duty may be the result of criticism he received when he granted a reprieve from execution he granted last year. Constitutional duty and mercy can, apparently wait, until the Governor is over it.

Readers may be interested in this post by Prenderghast as well.


charlene domini said...

1`its all political which is bs as its not the old prisoners who were given harsh and unfair sentences fault someone that was let out screwed up. the governor needs to take care of the requests sitting on his desk and he also needs to make a law stating those requesting early releases find out if they are ok'd or denied in a certain amount of time - he should not be allowed to sit on requests for 5 years. unfair unfair and unfair/ wrong wrong and more wrong

charlene domini said...

the governor needs to address the requests sitting on his desk. it is not the old prisoners that were given long unfair sentences for minor crimes fault that he let someone out and they screwed up. he needs to also set a time limit so those applying for early release can at least know they can know with a year-2 years. how inhuman and cruel this system is plus it is costing taxpayers billions. ridiculous!!!

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