Sunday, June 8, 2014

Otis: Obama Will Pardon Bergdahl

The Editor of this blog (P.S. Ruckman, Jr.) will go to his grave believing that he and William Otis were the only two persons in this world worth listening to when it came to prognostication re Scooter Libby. The media were fixated on the entirely fictitious view that President Bush had to pardon Libby, or Libby would find himself in prison. The Editor, however, pointed out, in National Review, that there were, in fact several other options, and a respite was among them. Otis noted, in the Washington Post, that a commutation of sentence could be issued as well. Libby's sentence was commuted.

So, when Otis speaks, PardonPower listens.

Today, Otis notes Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl "voluntarily left his post after becoming disillusioned with what he viewed as the enormous damage the United States had done to Afghanistan."  He also notes that the President's "supporters" tell us "if Bergdahl deserted -- or even became a collaborator -- we have the military justice system that will, at the right time, fully investigate the matter, put the facts on the table, and, if warranted, impose punishment."

But, Otis announces: "it's not gonna happen." No, he says there will be no "honest investigation" much less any "punishment." Instead, President Obama will issue "a preemptive pardon" because he "doesn't see that much wrong with Sgt. Bergdahl's view of the matter."

Otis finds evidence of this forthcoming pardon in rhetoric which emphasizes a so-called "rush to judgment" - a prelude to the desire to  put all "whipped up (Obama's exact phrase) unpleasantness behind us and move on."

Otis' post even contains an entertaining message which might accompany such a pardon. In his view, such a pardon would capture "several of Obama's hallmarks -- opportunism burlesquing compassion; politics impersonating statesmanship; evasion supplanting accountability; contempt aping patriotism; and plentitudinous, old fashioned blather." See Otis' complete blog post here.

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