Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wisconsin: The Costs (Foolishness) of Walker's Neglect.

Scott "No Mercy" Walker
Gov. Scott Walker has made his position on executive clemency clear. The State Constitution explicitly invites the governor to participate in popular American notion of "checks and balances" by providing him with the pardon power - a power many other Wisconsin governors have used, repeatedly, and without much controversy. But, to all of that, Walker says, "Whatever."

Governor Walker further justifies this statesmanlike stance by arguing that doing justice in one case might require him to consider justice in another case - something for which he, apparently, has neither time nor interest.

Too bad for people like Jessica Cranfield. Channel reports that, when she was 17 years old, Cranfield "committed a number of crimes, including stealing a purse and clearing a bank account of $100 to buy drugs." The result was a prison sentence of two years. Now, almost 30 years old, Cranfield is married, with children, and working toward a bachelor's degree in education. She hasn't had a brush with the law since she was a 17 year old kid.

No matter. As she notes, "It's very difficult to get a job if you have any type of criminal conviction ... but a felony basically guarantees that you won't." Governor Walker's view of persons like her?
"No, they can get jobs, they just can't get jobs in an area that prevents them access because of their felony conviction ... But they are not limited in other ways." 
It just goes to show that one can never overestimate the patently ridiculous nature of Scott Walker's position on clemency. See story here.

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