Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Maryland: The Times They are a Changin' (Part 24)

Larry Hogan
ABC 7 reports Republican Larry Hogan says "a governor's authority to commute sentences and pardon prisoners is an important power that he would rejuvenate if he is elected governor." Hogan, contrasts himself with Gov. Martin O'Malley who "hasn't made pardons and commutations a priority of his tenure."

Hogan also notes that one can be "a tough law and order candidate" and yet, at the same time, agree with the Founding Fathers of this Nation that "there are people who need the pardon and commutation process." So, Hogan says he will seek help from former Gov. Robert Ehrlich "in using the power more."

The latest nail in the coffin of the Willie Horton Myth. See story here.

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