Thursday, October 9, 2014

Massachusetts: Governor Considers Constitutional Duty for First Time

Governor Deval Patrick has been granted the pardon power because his State's Founders envisioned a system of separated powers and checks and balance. Patrick, however, has not granted a single pardon in almost eight years! The State's Parole board once recommended that he grant a pardon. He disagreed. According to the Boston Globe:
[Patrick] considered granting pardons to an entire class of convicts serving time for nonviolent drug offenses but found it was too difficult to pinpoint them since were tangled up in other, more serious legal issues. 
Now, the Governor is said to be "considering three men for pardons, including two with drug convictions in the 1990s and one who was incarcerated after an armed assault in 1989." See story here.


life for pot said...

You know, It's really not that difficult to carve out nonviolent drug offenders if you are really serious about the task.

It is necessary to define your criteria in a definite and perhaps strict fashion - then look at court documents.

Maybe the reason it doesn't get done is because executives have their finger in the wind.

John Thacker said...

Interesting little story from Maryland. The Republican candidate, Hogan Rutherford, said that "he believes Gov. Martin O’Malley’s administration hasn’t made pardons and commutations a priority of his tenure." He wants to emulate former Gov. Bob Ehrlich instead of the pardon and commutation stingy O'Malley.

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