Thursday, October 30, 2014

Missouri: Call for Clemency

The St. Louis Dispatch reports three Missouri women "suffered through years of abuse by their partners" but "went to prison for murder." However, a "newly formed coalition of lawyers, professors and lawmakers" are now calling on Gov. Jay Nixon to commute the sentence of a total of 14 women who are similarly circumstanced.

So far, Nixon has used the pardon power once. Meanwhile, 212 applications have been denied and more than 2,3000 applications are pending.

According to the coalition:
Of the 14 cases chosen, the group said nine women had no direct involvement in the violence for which they were accused, and the others acted under duress and after years of abuse. Five are over age 60; three have served more than 30 years in prison. 
The Dispatch also reports that the five Missouri governors previous to Nixon, "on both sides of the political aisle, collectively granted clemency 160 times." See post here.

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