Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Illinois: Quinn Pardons 126

Stupid Ceremony, Part Whatever
While news organizations from PBS to the Times and Post are writing stupid stories about the stupid practice of pardoning turkeys, the Governor of Illinois continues to take the clemency power seriously. Governor Quinn is a lame duck, but he is not engaged in a lurid last-minute dump (See Bill Clinton and Haley Barbour). Quinn has made the regular use of clemency a priority since he came into office and inherited a ridiculous application back load from Rod Blagojevich.

Now, Quinn is reported to have "acted" on 311 cases. He granted clemency in 126 and denied requests in 185. It is also reported that"some" of the cases "date back to crimes committed in the early 1970s."

In total. Quinn has acted on 3,358 clemency petitions since 2009,  and has granted clemency in 1,239 instances.

One of the persons Quinn has pardoned is Robert Taylor, who was convicted as a teenager in the rape and murder of a 14-year-old. He and four others were cleared by DNA evidence. Taylor spent nearly two decades behind bars.

Read more about his case, and others here.


Anonymous said...

The President offered to wash the House Speakers car if he would call up a vote on the Senate Immigration Bill. News reports say he just pardoned two turkeys from the Speakers district!

Anonymous said...

Now questions are being raised about the way the presidents daughters were dressed and acted at the turkey pardon ceremony but they did the right thing for such a light hearted event.

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