Saturday, December 20, 2014

Obama: A More Rigorous Comparison

It is reported that a White House official recently attempted to favorably compare the clemency record of President Obama with recent presidents, Bush, Clinton and Reagan, which is something like being proud of the fact that your team has won more Super Bowls that the Minnesota Vikings, or that you have won more presidential elections than Harold Stassen.

Below, we have disaggregated Justice Department data (which are also arranged by fiscal year) for five recent two-term presidents and arranged them to display the cumulative number pardons and commutations of sentence granted to the exact point (month) in time where President Obama's term is today.

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What is obvious is that Obama is no Eisenhower, or Ronald Reagan for that matter. Data for presidents like FDR and Woodrow Wilson would simply go off the chart. And, indeed, at this point in his presidency, Obama lags behind recent two term presidents. This is, of course, the reason why, to date, he sits at 7th on the list of All-Time-Least-Merciful-Presidents.

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