Saturday, January 17, 2015

Colorado: Another Governor AWOL

Gov. Hickenlooper
The Denver Post notes that, "more than two years after Gov. John Hickenlooper ordered the re-creation of the [State's] Executive Clemency Advisory Board [the] board has yet to review a single application." Indeed, it has never even met.

So, no pardons have been granted by Governor Hickenlooper, who just got around to filling the Board's seven seats this past week!

The Post reports this inactivity has had an impact. "About 150" applications have been filed since the Board was formed in 2012. The president of Colorado's Criminal Defense Bar notes there is no legal "requirement" that the governor show up and participate in the State's system of separation of powers and checks and balances, but ignoring pardons can discourage people:
"A pardon is a legal forgiveness. It doesn't forget the act, but it forgives it ... We want that system to be in place because we want people to be motivated and incentives to do phenomenal things ..."
The Post also notes 13 people were given pardons by Gov. Bill Owens (over 8 years) while Gov. Bill Ritter granted 42. See full article here.

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