Thursday, January 22, 2015

Egypt: 584 Prisoners to be Pardoned

It is reported that President Sisi set "a few criteria" but left the actual "selection" of prisoner to be pardoned in the hands of the interior ministry.  Consequently, Egyptian authorities have announced that 584 prisoners will be released. The decree applies to 1) those who have served 15 years of a life sentence and 2) prisoners who have sentenced to at least 6 months and have served at least half their sentence.

The decree does not apply to 1) those convicted of felonies and misdemeanours that harm the government internally or externally 2) those involved with explosives, weapons and ammunition, drugs, illegal profiteering, and bribes, forgery and obstructing traffic.

It is also said that the pardons were an "attempt" to "keep the public happy on the anniversary of the January 25th revolution. See full story here.

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