Saturday, January 3, 2015

Pardon Applications and Attorneys

Tim Means
A year or so ago, we noted that - contrary to what many people may think, or might guess - most successful applications for federal executive clemency (pardons, commutations, etc.) are not associated with legal representation by an attorney (see post here). We have also noted that the geographic location of a law firm / lawyer's office may be of some significance (see post here). With that ...

... we note that the National Law Journal has a piece on one Tim Means, an attorney with Crowell & Moring (an "international" law firm with an office in Washington DC). The piece says Mr. Means "wins" clemency cases, at least in the sense that he has represented four persons who have received pardons or commutations of sentence from the president since 2007. The piece does not reveal how many clemency applications Means has worked on in total, but says he actually took up his first such case in 2003.

Means "normally represents mining companies in cases against the government" but told his first clients that he was "willing to work hard." Oddly, the National Law Journal says that Means believes "case law on the subject is almost nonexistent." Well, we just can't agree very much with that. See full story here.

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