Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mysterious Revamping at the DOJ

In a recent interview with Ben Smith (, President Obama said:
We’ve revamped the pardoning office in the Justice Department because, traditionally, we weren’t reaching a lot of nonviolent offenders who, if they received a pardon, perhaps would be in a better position to get employed.
We are aware that the President recently selected a new Pardon Attorney - to replace a nominee of President Bush, but we guess that this decision hardly constitutes a "revamping" ... in any sense of the language.

We are, of course, also aware of efforts by the Attorney General and other groups to secure commutations of sentence for those who are incarcerated and who meet certain guidelines. But the President said "pardon" not "commutations of sentence."

What "revamping" has taken place to encourage more pardons? The President's record on pardons (and commutations of sentence for that matter) is outright abysmal. It has been so for six long years. Did the revamping just take place last week? One thing is for certain, as far as revamps are concerned, this one has been as far below the radar as any! See full interview here.

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