Friday, March 6, 2015

Obama: More Talk on Pardons

USA Today reports President Obama "was disappointed that he wasn't getting enough pardon cases to his desk early in his presidency, and said he's working with the Justice Department to increase those numbers." Said the president:
When I came into office, for the first couple of years, I noticed that I wasn't really getting a lot of recommendations for pardons — at least not as many as I would expect ...  And many of them were for older folks, and a lot of them were people just looking for a pardon so they could restore their gun rights. But sort of the more typical cases that I would have expected weren't coming up.
Obama also says he is taking a "new approach" to pardons:
Historically, what the president would get is a big stack of recommendations, and then I would sign off on them. Because obviously I don't have time to go through each request ... So what we've done now is open it up so people are more aware of the process.
But, USA Today notes, "So far, no one has been granted clemency under that program."

And that just about says it all.

See full story here.

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