Saturday, April 25, 2015

Delaware: Pardons and the Economy

A 2013 report found that almost 8 in 10 Delaware inmates "sentenced to more than a year in prison are arrested again for a serious offense within three years of their release." But the chairman of the State's Board of Pardons has the good sense to recognize that “without employment and the opportunity to live responsibly, recidivism might be even higher.” As he puts it, “It’s a vicious circle for a lot of people and one that society has not found a way to deal with effectively.”

One Wilmington attorney, Thomas A. Foley, notes “It could make a difference with human resources if the governor has recognized they they resurrected their lives and has forgiven them.”

Fred Calhoun, president of the state Fraternal Order of Police, however, has a more subtle and sophisticated solution to such basic, undeniable economic problems: “Don’t do the crime.” In sum, eternal personal and State-wide economic hardship are well deserved and, really, the only way, for all criminal offenders, big and small, reformed or not. As the old saying goes: to small kids with big hammers, everything is nails.

See more on pardons in Delaware here.

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