Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Georgia: Pardon Transparency Legislation

Gov. Deal
The Dawson News and Advertiser reports Gov. Nathan Deal will sign a legislative bill into law that " forces one of Georgia’s most secretive government agencies — The Georgia Pardons and Paroles Board — to provide the public with some information about its decision making." More specifically,
For the first time since 1953, when then Gov. Herman Talmadge signed the board’s secrecy provisions into law, the board will make available to the public a written decision when it grants a pardon, parole or commutes a death sentence, according House Bill 71, which the House and Senate passed April 2. 
Originally, the legislation asked that "all records the board used in making its decision be made public" but the language was "significantly weakened in the Senate."

It is reported that:
Georgia is one of only four states whose pardons and paroles board has the sole discretion to grant clemency. Other states are Nebraska, Nevada and Utah. 
See full story here.

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