Monday, April 6, 2015

Post Gazette on Obama Denials

The Editorial Board of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette writes:
Prior to last week, President Barack Obama had granted only 21 commutations and 64 pardons for federal crimes, making him the “least merciful” of modern presidents when it comes to such petitions. He has considered and denied 782 clemency petitions to date.
We are not sure how anyone could reach such a conclusion. Obama has actually denied 1,629 pardon applications and 7,378 applications for commutations of sentence - for a total of 9,000 plus denials. 782? Where on earth does that come from?

We reached out to the Gazette, as a good Samaritan, but it seems to want to stick with what it has written. Have an explanation? Send it our way! We're all ears. See editorial here.

UPDATE: The error seems to have originated with USAToday, which has corrected the error here

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