Thursday, April 2, 2015

University of St. Thomas Symposium

Reviewing Clemency in a Time of Change
University of St. Thomas School of Law
April 10, 2015

8:30-8:40 opening remarks

8:40-9:05 Amy Baron-Evans “The Impact of President Obama's Clemency Initiative on the Politics of Sentencing Reform”

9:05-9:30 Professor P.S. Ruckman, Jr. “Reinstitutionalizing the Pardon Power”

9:30-9:55 Professor Adam Stevenson “Clinical Clemency: The Perils and Successes of Scaling Commutation Mountain with Student Guides”

9:55-10:20 Professor Nekima Levy-Pounds “#BlackLivesMatter: Reimagining the Pardon Power as a Tool for Racial Justice”

* * * Break until 10:30

10:30-10:55 Representative Keith Ellison “The New Left-Right Alliance on Criminal Justice Reform”

10:55-11:20 Margaret Love “Beccaria v. Hamilton -- The Enlightenment Debate Over the Role of Clemency in the Justice System and Why It Matters Today”

11:20-11:45 Professor Steven Chanenson “The Clemency Curmudgeon”

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