Thursday, April 2, 2015

W. Bush as a Clemency Benchmark? Wha ?!?!

Better than Bush? I would hope!
Neil Eggleston is an "Assistant to the President and Counsel to the President." When President Obama granted his 43rd commutation of sentence this week, Eggleston wrote, on the White House blog:
To put President Obama’s actions in context, President George W. Bush commuted 11 sentences in his eight years in office.
We are quite mystified as to why all of the very many people who are commenting on presidential pardons right now have managed to refrain from laughter, or painful groaning. Or, maybe they have all managed to just overlook this most bizarre example of stumbling bumbling PR work.

Bush's clemency record was among the very worst in history. If he is the benchmark for the Obama administration, woe be unto us! Only one president granted fewer commutations of sentence than George W. Bush since 1885 (one hundred and thirty years ago) and that was ... George H.W. Bush!

Is it really possible Eggleston is not aware of this?

The White House sees W. as the place to go for context? Really?

Obama might as well brag about being less controversial than Nixon, or more physically fit than Taft!

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