Monday, May 25, 2015

Oklahoma: Paperwork Disaster

In 1981, David Johns and two other men robbed and fatally shot a 68-year-old retired grocer, in front of his home. There was a dispute about who actually pulled the trigger, but Johns and another were convicted of murder.

It is said that, as a prisoner, Johns has "worked his odd jobs, obeyed the rules, and tried to keep his head down" for two decades. Indeed, he has zero disciplinary marks over the last decade. When Johns presented his case before the State's five-member parole board it recommended parole four times. Finally, in 2010, Gov. Brad Henry also approved. It looked like it was a done deal.

Then, the state official charged with filing the necessary paperwork failed to do so. In stepped Henry's successor, Mary Fallin and, amazingly, Gov. Fallin, reversed Henry's decision!

In 2013, the parole board unanimously recommended release for the 55-year old Johns, once again, but Gov. Fallin rejected the recommendation. See story here.

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