Wednesday, May 13, 2015

RIP David Curry, Pardon Recipient.

DOJ PA Notice for David Curry
The St. Louis Post Dispatch has a fine piece on David Curry, a University of Chicago graduate and criminology professor at the University of Missouri-St. Louis who was pardoned, in November of 2000. Curry's application went through the Department of Justice, the Office of the Pardon Attorney and White House in less than a year.

Amazingly, few people even knew that, in 1982,  Curry had been sentenced to 34 years in prison for distribution, conspiracy to distribute, and using a telephone to facilitate a felony in the matter of 6.2 grams of cocaine. He was a Vietnam Vet and a Captain as an intelligence officer. As he saw it, his 34 year sentence was "obviously political punishment for being vets against the war,”

Later the sentence was modified and Curry was eventually released to the custody of a professor at the University of Chicago and offered a position as interim lecturer. But administrators balked at his prison record. So, in 1994, Curry was hired by the University of Missouri-St, Louis to teach statistics and math. See full story here.

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