Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Obama's "Bold" Record on Commutations. Highly questionable.

Yesterday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest suggested President Obama's record on commutations of sentence was "bold." We're not seeing that. To make his point, Mr. Earnest compared the President's total number of commutations (89) to that of the four previous presidents - well known, for having a freakish disregard for the use of the pardon power. It was kind of like bragging that one is more merciful and kind than Torquemada.

But, Mr. Earnest failed to point out two seemingly relevant pieces of data. First, the previous four presidents, miserable records and all, did grant 88 commutations of sentence. President Obama, after six and a half years of Hope and Change has "beaten" them by a grand total of ONE. Count 'em. ONE.

Secondly, none of the previous four presidents received nearly as many applications for commutations of sentence as Obama. If you combine their numbers - as Mr. Earnest is want to do - you see that Obama has received a thousand plus more applications than all of them combined and the result has been slightly (1) more commutations of sentence.

"Bold"? We think not.

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