Sunday, September 6, 2015

Flashback: Larry King Live, 2001

William Bennett
KING: We welcome now to Larry King Live. William Bennett, co-director of Empower America. He's got a new book coming in September. We'll, of course, see him then when that comes out. His books are never dull. And this is his first time speaking out on this, first time on the Vignali case. What do you make of that, Bill?

WILLIAM BENNETT, Co-Director, Empower America: Those guys were very polite, Larry. Mr. Vignali went to jail because he was involved in distributing 800 pounds of cocaine. His lawyer said, no, it wasn't that bad, just a thousand kilos of cocaine. Do you have any idea of how much damage 1,000 kilos of cocaine can do? Well, 800 pounds of cocaine could effectively provide one rock of crack for every kid in Los Angeles. It's 1,000 kilos less, but still, a substantial amount of cocaine. There are black co-defendants who are still in jail and will be for a long time. But Carlos Vignali is now out. He is a white man.

KING: Because he had influence...

BENNETT: Because he has money; he has influence; and he has the ear of the president ...

See full transcript here.

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