Sunday, September 27, 2015

Oklahoma: Commutations Requests

The Daily Oklahoman has a intriguing story out on three applications for commutation of sentence that Gov. Mary Fallin will be considering. The State's Pardon and Parole Board has recommended that commutations be granted in all three cases. It is also reported that a commutation has not been granted in the State since 2012!

Donnie Daniel is serving life without parole under the state's mandatory three strikes law. He has served 18 years and the Board has unanimously voted to recommend his sentence be reduced to allow him the possibility of parole. Daniel claims he is terminally ill.

William Wood Jr., an army veteran and former minister, is serving a 199 year sentence for drug crime. He has been in prison for 10 years and never been disciplined. The board recommended that his sentence be commuted to 20 years by a vote of 4-1.

Michael Tippin is serving a life sentence for manufacturing methamphetamine and burglary. The Board also recommended that his sentence be reduced by a vote of 4-1.

It reported that the Board has a backlog of 166 applications. 12 were granted a hearing. Eight of them received unanimous no votes. One was Tondalo Hall, a mother of three serving a 30-year sentence "for permitting child abuse, while the abuser was convicted but released at his trial after two years in jail." Hall claims she was beaten by the children's father as well. See full story here.

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