Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sanders: On Prisons and Parole

The Washington Post reports Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) will "unveil a plan Thursday to ban privately run jails and prisons."
Under the proposal by the Democratic presidential hopeful, the federal government would have three years to end its practice of using private companies to keep people behind bars. The ban would also apply to state and local governments, which have increasingly turned to private contractors in a bid to save money. “It runs counter to the best interests of our country,” Sanders said in an interview Wednesday. “You should not be making a profit off of putting people in prison.” 
The Post also reports Sanders will introduce a bill
aimed at lowering the prison population: reinstating the federal parole system, which was abolished in 1984 as part of a wave of tough-on-crime legislation. Sanders said there needs to be flexibility in the system to release those who have been rehabilitated. 
Meanwhile, lobbyists for two of the largest private prison companies are helping raise money for Hillary Clinton's campaign. See article here.

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