Thursday, October 29, 2015

Another Mandatory Minimum ...

Ronald Evans says, "I had committed a very big and serious definite mistake ... I always wish I had taken 'The Other Road.'" Arrested just after his 18th birthday, Evans was sentenced, in 1993, at age 19, to life in prison without the possibility of parole, the only option because of a mandatory minimum sentence.

An ABC News report says:
Evans was just 15 years old, living with his mother in public housing in Norfolk, Virginia ... in a neighborhood riddled with crime and rampant drug use ... some older boys he knew offered him $50 a day to function as a "look-out" for their drug retailing operation, it seemed like easy money. "That was what everyone my age and older was doing,” Evans said. Based on what he saw in his neighborhood, he believed at the time "there was nothing wrong with it." ... Within a couple of years, Evans had moved into transporting money and drugs, actively selling heroin to addicted buyers, he said ... authorities swooped in to detain Evans and charge him with conspiracy and possession with intent to distribute. With no drugs and no weapons in his possession, the government used only the testimony from his co-defendants to hold him accountable for large amounts of heroin, cocaine, and crack in the streets. 
Now the 41-year-old non-violent drug offender wants to spend time with his 23 year old son, born just after he entered prison. Says Evans, "Everyone needs, deserves, and should be accorded a second chance at life ... I only hope and pray that one day, just one day, someone can accord me enough trust, and have an ounce of faith in me, to see the sincerity that is within me now and for all time." Read full story here.

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