Monday, November 16, 2015

Michigan Adopts the Federal Model: Impressive Talk, Little Action

The Lansing State Journal is featuring an article which notes that Governor Snyder "cleared" the criminal records of only 11 people last year - among hundreds of requests he has received since 2011. This year, he has yet to grant a single pardon. Over 90 requests have been received this year.

Corrections Department spokesman Chris Gautz calls pardons "a rare step.” No kidding.

The Journal reports, however, that a deputy director at the Corrections Department says the Governor really wants to help people whose convictions are “inhibiting them from advancing economically.” Indeed, a "spokesman" says the Governor “believes pardons should be used in circumstances when a criminal conviction was a significant barrier to a person being able to get a job and support their family.”

That is really impressive sounding talk. We guess, the Governor, evidently is just not very skilled at showing all of this concern. See full story here,

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