Wednesday, November 25, 2015

New Jersey: Christie Grants 1 Pardon

Gov. Chris Christie has pardoned 61-year-old John Berry, for a "boardwalk robbery [with toy guns] he committed as a drug-addicted young man more than 40 years ago." Berry is now a "case manager" for the Philadelphia Treatment Court. Says Christie:
“When I hear stories like John’s, I think to myself and I know in my heart that there are so many people who can share in the same type of life-changing success, that same type of redemption, if only they had a little help along the way, not only from us but from God, and know that there’s a way to get it.” 
The pardon erases Berry's criminal record. He has been married since 1990, graduated from college and is the father of three:
“This is really, after having served now nearly six years as governor, this is truly one of the truly extraordinary things you get to do as governor, is to sign these pardons and to know that you have an opportunity to play a bit of a role in somebody’s life that’s as extraordinary as John is, as you can just see ... I said to him before: This is no gift from me. This is something John’s earned.” 
See complete story here.

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