Saturday, December 5, 2015

"About another 100" Coming

The Washington Post reports that President Obama "is expected to grant clemency to about another 100 prisoners in the coming weeks." See story here.

In July of 2015, we posted on the topic, "If Obama Commuted 100 Sentences Tomorrow?" Here it is:


After years and years of head-fakes, many media outlets appear to be on the boarder of frenzy, because aides to the President are now indicating (once again) that he "may" grant "dozens" of commutations of sentence in the coming weeks (no one seems to notice that pardons have almost vanished from the radar).

So, now, as reporters everywhere are posed, ready to toss out words like "unprecedented" and "record-breaking," your snarky correspondent suggests that we all think about this: Let's say the President were to grant 100 commutations of sentence tomorrow, bringing his total to 143. Not merely "dozens," but a full one hundred !

Would it be a record among all presidents? No, not even close.

Would it be a record for the highest number of commutations in a year? No, not even close.

Would it be a record for the highest number of commutations in a single day? No. No. No.

More importantly, would it really even put a pin hole in the balloon of THOUSANDS of applications that have been in the Department of Justice for years? (Yes, that's right, there were record numbers of applications for commutations of sentence well before Clemency Project 2014 ever showed up - there was never any shortage of applications) No. 

What WOULD 100 commutations by President Obama mean? Hmm ... well ... maybe that he is a little more serious about clemency than Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, H.W. Bush and W. Bush. Wow. To which we say, "Whoopty-freakin-doo." Put the corks back in the bottles people!


beth curtis said...

Your graphs are great visuals. I always like to send them in my mailings because they tell the story to those who can't read. Sometimes they make a big impression while the "words" go to the round filing cabinet.

In any case, when I watch people looking at material they are more likely to almost gasp when they see the data in a "PICTURE"

I think that you created them from data you sourced yourself - do you mind if I use them? Of course I'll attribute the source.

P.S. Ruckman, Jr. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
P.S. Ruckman, Jr. said...


Of course, you should feel free to use anything you see on this blog.

My honor.


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