Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Alabama: Siegelman at Last?

Josh Moon of the Montgomery Adviser says former Alabama Governor (1999-2003) Don Siegelman "shouldn’t be in prison at all" and it is an "absolute travesty" and "an embarrassment" to the justice system and the state that he is.

Siegelman, "a popular figure in the state" was indicted on federal bribery charges in 2004. Moon says the judge called it “the most unfounded case” he had ever presided over. But the feds came back with "basically the same charges" in front of a different judge. Moon says Siegelman was "eventually convicted (sort of)" for accepting a bribe (two $250,000 donations) but - in the wake of Citizens United - "there is no question" that the money "was a donation to the lottery fund ... none of it went to Siegelman personally."

Moon notes "more than 100 former state attorneys general" have signed a letter "asking the Supreme Court to review the case." So, he says, "It’s past time for President Obama to pardon Don Siegelman." See full editorial - with many more details of the case - here.

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