Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Kentucky: Now Comes the Fallout

Michael Bishop shot a 12 year old boy in the back with a 12-gauge shotgun four year ago. After the family was hit with $70,000 of medical bills, Bishop explained. The kid may have been ringing his door bell more than he wanted.

Bishop received "shock probation" after serving a "brief time" (100 days actually) of his 10-year sentence for "assault under extreme emotional disturbance and other crimes." He would have been on probation until 2017 if Steve Beshear had not pardoned him last night, just before he left the governorship.

The family of the boy is "outraged." They are currently suing Bishop in a case that is pending before the Kentucky Court of Appeals. Former Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Leland Hulbert, who prosecuted Bishop, was surprised Beshear pardoned a "felon who shot a child.” In his view, Bishop received enough mercy when he was given shock probation. Commonwealth's Attorney Tom Wine issued a statement saying the last-minute pardon sent "the wrong message to the community about gun violence."

It is now reported that Beshear "did not contact Wine's office" and the pardon will allow Bishop to possess firearms. That just might be what one would expect when a lazy, merciless governor ignores 3,400 clemency applications across 8 years, then tries to appear competent by issuing pardons right before he walks out the door, after only a "few months" of deliberation.

Bishop, of course, is "absolutely thrilled."

See full story here.

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