Wednesday, December 23, 2015

New Jersey: Christie Grants Gun Pardon

It is reported that Gov. Christie has pardoned a 26 year old U.S. Marine sergeant, Joshua Velez, who was stopped by a police officer for failing to use a turn signal. Somehow, afterward, an unloaded Ruger 9MM was discovered in the locked glove compartment of his truck.  Valez had lawfully purchased the gun and was licensed to carry it, in Massachusetts. So, he was arrested and charged with "unlawful possession of a handgun and possession of hollow point bullets."

In August, Governor Christie promised to pardon out-of-state residents "who became unwittingly ensnared in New Jersey's tough gun transport laws." Apparently, he intends to do so one at a time, with plenty of time between each pardon. Christie granted 1 pardon in April. Another in June and a 3rd individual in October. Altogether, Christie has granted 6 such pardons. See story here.

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