Monday, December 21, 2015

New York: 5 Yrs Later, Cuomo Moves to Invite to Consider ...

It kinda looks like big news from one of the Nation's most merciless governors. The New York Times' headline reads:
Cuomo Moves to Pardon Former Youthful Offenders
But, wait a minute ... "moves to pardon?" What does that mean? Cuomo is the Governor of New York. If he wants to, he can simply pardon people, not "move to pardon them." He can just do it.

Further, we read, "thousands" of people "were convicted of nonviolent crimes as teenagers but have since led law-abiding lives." - Knew that.

In addition, their convictions create "stubborn barriers to employment, housing and other services."-Knew that.

Pardons, on the other hand, would "provide second chances to generations of once-youthful offenders who had long since abandoned their criminal lives but continue to be dogged by their criminal pasts" - Is there someone on this planet who is not aware of all of this? Save Cuomo?

Then, you know the wheels are about to fall off when the Times writes: "Mr. Cuomo had long been considered parsimonious when it came to clemency." Seriously? They are kidding, right? 9 grants in five years. "Considered?"

Then, the final blow:
Further, "Mr. Cuomo intends" to invite such persons "to apply for" pardon (subject to "revocation") ... "as long as they meet several other criteria" ... after a "vetting process."
It is reported that some call the Governor's plan a "bold proposal with laudable goals.” The New York Ties editorial Board calls it all a "step forward." The Governor's office says the "plan" is the first of its kind in the Nation!

Interestingly, the State's Constitution - which has been around for quite some time, and gives Cuomo the pardon power (that he has been sitting on) - seemed a pretty good idea as well, with laudable goals (aka justice, "checks and balances" and all that). Yes, in a day and age when some governors just don't get it, it is big news to move to invite the consideration to vet - conditional upon revocation !!! See full story here.

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