Saturday, December 26, 2015

New York: Notably Unconvincing

Readers may recall that, after 7 years of considerable neglect on the part of Gov. Cuomo, we were not particularly impressed by his recent announcement which invited people to apply for consideration for conditional clemency.

Cuomo grabbed the Christmas headlines, however, as well as a New York Times editorial:

Cuomo Offers Executive Pardons
Cuomo Moves to Pardon
Cuomo Grants Pardons
Cuomo to Issue 10,000 Pardons

Naomi Jaffe appears to be in our camp. She advises, "Read the fine print: Not one person will be released from prison — or even have their criminal record expunged." Indeed, Jaffe calls the Governor's recent announcement "mass hype on a level rarely seen." Jaffe adds that "the most enthusiastic supporter of mass incarceration" could find "nothing to complain about" in Cuomo's "scheme." See story here

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