Friday, January 15, 2016

Obama, Mercy and Latinas

At Fusion, Jason Hernandez finds himself:
... baffled that of the 184 individuals who have received his mercy in the last seven years, not one has been a Latina. Latinas make up about 17% of the U.S. population and 33% of the women’s federal prison population. They are three times more likely to go to prison than white women. And the number of Latinos sent to federal prison nearly quadrupled between 1991 and 2007. There’s no shortage of worthy Latina candidates for a presidential clemency.
Hernandez argues, further:
The War on Drugs should be called the War on Minorities. Harsh drug sentencing has deeply hurt the black and hispanic communities, especially our children. Studies show our drug policies have done more harm than good by breaking up families and decimating communities of color. Brown lives matter, too. 
We are aware of no rigorous data set on this topic, but we note the following persons have received pardons or commutations of sentence from the President:
Year Name State Form Clemency
1(2) Alvarez, Ricardo GA Pardon 12/19/2013
1(2) Hernandez, Jason TX Commutation 12/19/2013
2(2) Gonzales, Fernando Commutation 12/15/2014
2(2) Guerro, Antonio Commutation 12/15/2014
2(2) Torres, Israel TX Commutation 12/17/2014
3(2) Garcia, Amondo CA Commutation 3/31/2015
3(2) Martinez-Gil, Robert TX Commutation 3/31/2015
3(2) Navejar, David FL Commutation 3/31/2015
3(2) Castro, Juan Diego TX Commutation 7/13/2015
3(2) Aviles, Jose FL Commutation 12/18/2015
3(2) Cabarris, Arnold VA Commutation 12/18/2015
3(2) Contreas, Alex AK Commutation 12/18/2015
3(2) Figueroa, Pedro PA Commutation 12/18/2015
3(2) Gonzales, Alberto PA Commutation 12/18/2015
3(2) Lopez, Carlos NH Commutation 12/18/2015
3(2) Mendoza-Cardenas, Juan GA Commutation 12/18/2015
3(2) Padilla, David PA Commutation 12/18/2015
3(2) Rodriquez, Amador IL Commutation 12/18/2015
3(2) Sanchez, Angel PA Commutation 12/18/2015
3(2) Sanchious, Timothy VA Commutation 12/18/2015
3(2) Santoyo, Michael MI Commutation 12/18/2015


beth curtis said...

Jason used the term Latina's in his piece. He was talking about Latina women, not men. It is confusing.

P.S. Ruckman, Jr. said...

Beth, thanks so much! I wonder how someone gets the data for females, to determine that. Maybe I can check the DOJ announcements for maiden names. Thanks.

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