Wednesday, January 6, 2016

OPA Calls for 16 Attorney Advisors

The Office of the Pardon Attorney (Department of Justice) is seeking 16 Attorney Advisors to work in Washington. Such advisors:
... will become familiar with all aspects of executive clemency, including both clemency initiative and non-clemency initiative commutation cases as well as pardons. Knowledge of and/or experience with federal or state criminal law (from either the prosecution or defense perspective, or both), sentencing policy and guidelines, re-entry, and related issues are all helpful for this position.
Applicants must also:
... demonstrate exceptional legal, analytical, policy, and writing skills, objectivity, and a high level of discernment ... possess the ability to manage and prioritize a sizable and growing workload and to meet deadlines under pressure ... demonstrate compassion and the ability to make fair and balanced evaluations of written applications submitted by petitioners. 
Advisors are assigned to "review and evaluate petitions submitted by applicants for executive clemency, to confer with officials of the Department of Justice and external agencies regarding the performance of investigations related to clemency petitions, to secure information related to the clemency petition and investigation, and to advise the Pardon Attorney and Deputy Pardon Attorney on the results of the investigative process and appropriate disposition of petitions." They are also "expected to interact with pardon applicants and their representation and to demonstrate a high level of commitment to professionalism and courtesy in these interactions."

See announcement here.

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