Sunday, January 17, 2016

Where are the Knuckleheads When You Really Need Them ?

Today, we have a sense that the President of the United States has, over the weekend, offered pardons, or commutations, to maybe seven Iranians, some of whom have been tried and convicted. Others not so much. Preemptively, if you will.

The White House - always the cheerleader for exhilarating transparency - refuses to comment on the matter. Even the Washington Post must guess a bit. American media are searching the pages and services of foreign media for information. No one is condemning the silence, the stone walling, the ...

It is hard not to think back on January 23, 2009, when Keith Olbermann and Watergate convictee John Dean were in a lather, wondering about the possibility of double secret preemptive pardons from George W. Bush. Where are the voices of such knuckleheads now? Silence. Deafening.

"Could he have pardoned more people than we know?" Olbermann asked Dean, as though he were on the verge of passing out.

Dean: he  "might have, indeed" ...  "could have done it."

OMG !!!

With one last gasping breath, Olbermann offered,  "We'll go looking for secret pardons later in the week, I suppose."

[Cue look of disgust]

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