Saturday, February 6, 2016

Letter from Leonard Peltier

CounterPunch is featuring a compelling letter composed by 71-year old  Leonard Peltier, who notes, "On February 6th, I will have been imprisoned for 40 years!"

In that time, Peltier says, he has earned "about 4-5 years good time" and, since the "average time served on a life sentence" before parole when he was indicted was 7 years, he has "served nearly 6 life sentences." Consequently, he is also 10 year past "mandatory release after serving 30 years."

He describes the "history" of his "bid" as follows:
My first app was with Jimmy Carter. He denied it. Ronald Reagan promised President Mikhail Gorbachev that he would release me if the Soviet Union released a prisoner, but Reagan reneged. George H.W. Bush did nothing. The next app was with Bill Clinton. He left office without taking action even though the Pardon Attorney, [Margaret Colgate Love], did an 11-month investigation (it usually takes 9 months) and we were told she had recommended clemency. George W. Bush denied that petition in 2009. And in all of the applications for clemency, the FBI has interfered with an executive order. That’s illegal as hell! 
Peltier says he now has an abdominal aortic aneurysm and doctors have told him that, if it bursts, he could bleed to death. Since he is in  maximum security prison, he says, he will not get "sent for treatment" until his condition is "terminal." He adds:
As President Obama completes the final year of his term, I hope that he will continue to fight to fulfill his promises, and further the progress his Administration has made towards working in partnership with First Peoples. It gives me hope that this President has worked hard to affirm the trust relationship with the Tribal Nations. With YOUR encouragement, I believe Obama will have the courage and conviction to commute my sentence and send me home to my family. 
See full letter here.

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Billy Delaney said...

Dr. Ruckman, I have been reading your blog. It is habit forming. So much going on with raw justice and improper sentencing. This is a very interesting place to visit and read. I don't often bookmark a blog. I did this one. Keep it coming. Excellent.
Billy Delaney

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