Thursday, March 3, 2016

Jarrett. Inarticulate. We Hope !

In a recent interview with the Washington Post, Valerie Jarrett says clemency is a "top priority" for President Obama. Evidence?

1. "We have a new pardon attorney in the Justice Department." (Yes, the third one in just over a year - after the last pardon attorney appointed by Obama quit)

2. "Loretta Lynch and the entire team are committed to doing this." It is "something that is important" (Although, Jarrett added, "we don't have the resources to review every single [application] that we have. Which explains why, after the Office of the Pardon Attorney was receiving record numbers of clemency applications already ... the DOJ formally, loudly, called for ... more!)

3. The President has "taken great pains" ... (in terms of giving "positive reinforcement," by writing letters, to the very few who have been granted clemency. Wow.)

4. But "the real key, " says Jarrett is to "not put all our eggs in clemency" (Like there is anyone in the world who thinks that we should ! Obama waited almost two years before pardoning anyone. His first term was among the most merciless in history. Now, everyone is looking for a last-minute spurge. Clearly, anyone who would put all the eggs in this basket would be a fool. Or, a very silly stray man of epic proportions.)

5. Lynch says, "Let's make sure that these people are not incarcerated in the first place." (What? No prison terms for anyone? That's interesting. And what about pardons - for people who are not in prison, or never ever even went to prison to begin with, because their offenses were so minor, who want the kinds of "second chances" the President believes in?)

6. Jarrett relates that, when the President visited a prison, an inmate said he was imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. She relates the incident as though it has some probative value re our justice system. Really? Why hasn't the fellow been pardoned yet then? What kind of DOJ do we have?

The horror. The horror. 

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